When is the right time to sell?

This question has been asked since housing has been an issue. The time of you selling your home has a lot of factors, some of which we will touch on in this article. The number one answer to the question is simple: when you are ready. Here are a few outside factors that you may not have thought of that could help your decision.

Repairs / Remodels
If your home is in need of repairs before you put it on the market, that is something that you should do some research on. We are a firm believers that every house should be at it’s best for you to get the most bang for your buck, but make sure the investment is worth it. This article points out some of the better repair investments and remodels that you should consider. A real estate agent can help you by showing you the property values of houses in your neighborhood and ultimately could save you from investing in the wrong repair.

Home’s Value
One of the biggest issues is a home seller not knowing the proper value of their home. A lot of consideration needs to be taken before slapping a price tag and a for sale sign on your investment. The economy drives home values and making sure that you don’t go broke selling your home is important. If you are wondering about your homes value we can help you with that. Fill out this form and one of our agents will schedule a consultation with you.

There are numerous other reasons to know when is the time to sell your home, let us know if we can help. (616) 288-3244 is our phone number and as always stop in to say hi, we’d love to see ya!

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