As with most things in life, real estate agents are not built the same. When it comes time to choose your agent we have created a simple model that will help ease your decision and get you moving in the direction of your dreams.

Three Signs Of A Great REALTOR:

Sign One: They ask questions!
The first time you meet with an agent you should know that they are listening to the details that matter to you. Your wants and needs will help a good agent find what you are looking for faster and more efficiently. When an agent listens they will most likely repeat the question back to you to make sure that they understand your needs.

Sign Two: They Act Fast
When a good REALTOR has met with you, chances are they will not wait for things to happen. When they see an opportunity they pounce. The most successful agents know that wasting their clients time is a recipe for failure. If an agent knows your needs and they are on the same page with your desires then there is no reason to hold them back. Let them work their magic and reap the benefits of their labor.

Sign Three: They Are Tech Savvy
Why do you need technology in a real estate deal? Today’s day and age won’t allow for information to be passed slowly. The timing of accepting offers is no longer a 24 hour period, chances are they can be done in minutes. Technology helps ensure that you get the best deal possible because no one wants to make the phone call and explain that a home was lost because of a few seconds; and it happens every day! Make sure your agent has the technology to work for you!

If you have questions on finding the perfect agent to fit your needs, call us at (616) 288-3244 to be connected with one of our dedicated professionals today!

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