Written by Marques Levendoski

I thought that applying for graduation would mean that a huge weight would be lifted off my shoulders. It mean I  was confident that I would pass my last couple classes and begin my journey into the big world. Well I must’ve accidentally sent an email to Sallie Mae as well  or something, because not a day later I received a phone call basically saying “Hey we hear you’re graduating, congrats! Don’t forget about those students loans though”. Yes the $40,000 I had to borrow from the government that has been looming over my head from the moment I hit ACCEPT FINANCIAL AID. My parents made too much for me to get grants, but too little to help pay for college, forcing me to borrow from Uncle Sam. Now according to Forbes today’s average college student graduates with about $37,000 in debt so I wasn’t too far off. I have worked as a server at various restaurants for about 6 years but that wasn’t gonna cut it. With only 6 months after graduation before I have to start paying back my loans, the pressure to get a job ASAP is huge.

In my last semester at Grand Valley State University  my internship was located at Keller Williams Rivertown, touted as the #1 real estate agent training company in the world. But it wasn’t for a real estate job it was under their marketing department. Now i’m not anywhere near ready to buy a house, so my knowledge of buying and selling houses is pretty low. But you if you’re gonna market a business you should probably know a little about it. So throughout the first couple weeks I was able to learn the in’s and out and it only made me realize……How didn’t I know about this sooner?!?!?

So get this, a license to become a real estate agent is about $2,500 and 45 hours worth of work between classes and test taking, which if you crunch the numbers is a little less than $40,000, give or take. You have a few months of training from some of the best trainers in the business if you choose to learn at Keller Williams. This compared to the average 4 years it takes to graduate college. After that you’re ready to go, with first year real estate agents earning an average of  $37,000 a year. That’s just your first year, the best part about real estate is that salary wise, there is no ceiling. The amount of hard work and dedication to the craft will show in your number of sales and overall salary.

With harder work you can cut that magic number of 15 sales down to 10 or even less. That hard work translates to not only more sales but larger ones. Larger sales result in more commission and CHA CHING next thing you know, your paying off those student loans with a job you probably didn’t consider until you read this post.

Now if there is one thing I want you to take from this article, its that pro-activeness is the key. Don’t let those loans loom over you throughout your college years. Get ahead of it, the earlier you look into your options the better. Real Estate being one of those great options with the info provided earlier to back it up. Keller Williams Rivertown is able to give you that option and the the tools needed to succeed. Schedule an appointment by clicking here, you won’t regret the conversation.

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