Written by Marques Levendoski

Over the next 10 years the millennial generation will get into prime working age. With this generations increase in college attendance, they have also delayed their home purchasing due to financial considerations. Now that most have gotten to the point of needing to buy a house, due to them getting jobs in their intended fields, the need for real estate agents has never been higher. These millennials have had everything at their fingertips all their lives, when it comes to buying a home, most don’t know what to do. There will be a continued demand for real estate brokers and sales agents, since people turn to them when looking for a larger home or relocating for a new job. “The millennial gap needs to be taken advantage of, real estate is a great side career, or even full time career for those who take advantage of the opportunity.” states Jeremy Mullens, a real estate coach at Keller Williams RiverTown in Grandville Michigan.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics employment of real estate brokers and sales agents was projected to grow 6 percent from 2016 to 2026, about as fast as the average for all occupations.

With millenials about to flood the housing market, job security is one of the many benefits that come with real estate. Here are some other qualities the real estate profession has that you might find attractive.

Be Your Own Boss

Most agents regardless if they go through a broker or not work as an independent entity. You get to choose how to manage your priorities to best fit your needs. If you wanna stay at home on a Wednesday afternoon and work in bed while in pajamas, you can do that. Of course only do that if you feel it’s gonna allow you to get what you need done, but you have that option. “Having a lot of time to work on your business can be freeing, and also knowing what actions allow you to reach the most people effectively is a great thing to know. Being your own boss means you are wearing two hats, one as a CEO, one as an agent – and you have to ask yourself daily ‘would I hire me to be an agent for my company?’ Answering honestly usually leads to a productive day” states Mr. Mullens.


Since your real estate career is basically your own business, your worth ethic is what determines your income ceiling. It’s not the easiest of jobs by any means but what’s great about it is that your hard work shows in the money that you get back. Whereas in other professions you extra effort and hard work can not always return as more money in your pocket. Successful first year agents earn close to $35,000 and it only goes up from there.

Own Schedule

9 to 5 jobs are the best am I right? Of course not, that’s why when you’re a real estate agent you are able to work a schedule that is flexible for you. A lot of time as an agent is spent building relationships and meeting potential clients who may need your help at times other than between Monday and Friday 9 to 5. No more begging your manager Jim for friday off so you can go grab lunch with friends or family. With you being your own boss you choose when you “clock in and out”. “Even though you can run your own schedule, you have to be more disciplined than if you worked a 9 to 5. Don’t let it scare you though, creating a schedule for yourself is freeing, liberating, and you can work when you function at your personal best.” says Jeremy.

Low Cost of Entry

My Advertising and Public Relations degree cost me $40,000, you know how much it cost to become a certified real estate agent at Keller Williams Rivertown? JUST $2,500!!!. Both choices have very similar starting salaries, one cost way less and takes way less time to achieve. Man now that I am writing this how did I not know about this sooner? I wish there was an article that explained how affordable and simple it was to enter the real estate business…

Help Someone Get Their Greatest Asset

The five basic needs to survive are air, water, sleep, food and shelter. Everyone wants to work in a job that feels gratifying and they enjoy. Who wouldn’t  enjoy helping someone purchase one of the basic needs to survive. Whether it’s a newlywed couple purchasing their first home or a bachelor getting his pad. Agents have a responsibility to help people get through an important milestone of their lives. At that point you’re not just a salesperson, you get to be a counselor, a life coach or a mentor.

If anything mentioned in this article sounds like Real Estate would be great for you then Keller Williams Rivertown is who you talk to. Keller Williams is the world’s largest real estate franchise by agent count, has more than 1,000 offices and 180,000 associates. The franchise is also No. 1 in units and sales volume in the United States. For any questions or a chance to speak to Jeremy Mullens directly click here.

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