What started as a single restaurant has blossomed into a trifecta of awesome eats and treats!  The local restaurant Anna’s House has announced a new location in Grandville, in the old Bob Evens building!

So, what does this mean?  Well it means a lot of locals are going to be happy. Anna’s House has two current locations, one on the East Beltline near the entrance of the Woodland Mall and the other on Plainfield.  Both locations offer a brilliant atmosphere, friendly (and tech savvy) servers. The food is outstanding with sandwiches, breakfast platters and more.

You can find out more about Anna’s House at their website: https://www.annashouseus.com

We are really excited about this too because one of our commercial agents, Larry Branscombe, was the agent that negotiated the whole deal. We are so happy to have commercial real estate available in our office.

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