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Feng Shui. The Chinese believe it’s a  philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment. I believe that it’s the way  you walk into a room and feel at home.  Our office at KWRT is probably one of the most well thought out floor plans I have ever seen. From the sky, it looks like a “x”, with a central hub that connects 4 outlying wings (“X” marks the spot for sure). Each wing in our office has been structured to offer maximum productivity and vitalization.

One thing that I have to mention is that our office is never dreary, never dark and always feels open and welcoming… the reason is the windows. We have lots and lots of windows. Big windows . Everywhere. Windows literally pulling the open outside inside on a constant basis. There is not lack of daylight and it is glorious.

There is the conference wing, with offices and two conference rooms that allow for easy closings, quick meetings and a lot of trainings. The contemporary layout offers ample lighting and a very welcome feeling.

There is the administrative wing, where our Team Leader and Business Center Administrator make sure our agents produce to their fullest potential. There is a fabulous open workspace where anyone can pull up, plugin and get to it. This wing also looks over our great patio and pond.

We have a great KWRT Cafe, a full kitchen that we have cooked many meals on, it’s defiantly where people congregate to talk shop and feel at home.

There is the wing dedicated to agent space only, a highly productive section of the building where a lot of mentorship and brainstorming come together.

The last wing of our office is dedicated to helping our agents produce to their maximum potential. We have two prospecting rooms where agents can pull up on a computer and start making their phone calls to potential clients. This wing is kind of a personal favorite of mine, as this is where my office is located. I am in the “fish bowl” as some people call it. An office dedicated to training that includes a large table, TV and a great system to ensure training never takes a back seat. It’s open and inviting.

Our office is our second home, it should be a place for sanity, encouragement and productivity… I think we nailed it.

To see our office layout, visit:

Written by Jeremy Mullens, the Tech & Marketing “guru” at KWRT

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